As with many 'Family' Agency Providers of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities, we were burdened with the possibility of an escape for them from the every day routine of their working in a large business environment. Our goal was to provide a more Innovative and Intimate Workplace setting. Due to this burden, we decided to extend our business to where we not only serve our Individuals in their individual homes providing Homemaker Personal Care through Beach Club Residential Living, Inc., but where these individual's have the opportunity to enhance their skills in a Fun and Innovative Workplace atmosphere, and allowing 'Our Family' time to work together doing something that we enjoy.

In September, 2010, we began the renovation of an old Grocery Store in our Lovely Hometown of Geneva, also known as Grape Country. The renovation of this store is now complete, we had our final inspection in December, and we are now a bonefide Workplace! We are excited about our adventure, we are on our way to serving Our Community, and we aren't looking back. With this, our Grape Escape has begun!

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