The Grape Escape

About Us

As with many ‘Family’ Agency Providers of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities, we were burdened with the possibility of an ‘escape’ for these for these Individual’s from the every day routine of their working in a large business environment. Our goal was to provide a more Innovative and Intimate Workplace setting. Due to this burden, my husband, Jerry, and I, decided to Operate a business to where we may serve these Individuals in this type of setting, and more so, have the opportunity to enhance their skills in a Fun and Innovative Workplace atmosphere, and allowing ‘Our Family’ time to work together doing something that we enjoy.

In September, 2009, Jerry and I, along with our daughter, Lyndsey, and son-in-law, Tom, began the complete renovation of an old Grocery Store with connected Home in our Lovely Hometown of Geneva, Ohio, also known as Grape Country. As the renovation of this structure was completed in November, 2010, we had our final inspection in December, and became Certified by the Medicaid, the State of Ohio and the local County Board’s of Lake and Ashtabula. While Jerry used his talents to create our little Grape escaping on his Scooter, our website was created by a guy named Greg. If you will scroll through this site, you will now find our Virtual Tour is complete, as well. We had now become a bonafide Workplace, The Grape Escape, Incorporated, and opened our doors mid-November, 2010!

...And now to continue our story. As we found the need arising to serve our guys and gals, and with the Grape Escape to be so successful, we chose to open The Grape Escape, Too!, though this time in an Old Dentist Office. Renovations began in November, 2017, and we opened our doors, again in Geneva, July, 2018. So, as we continue to be excited about our adventure, and while we continue serving Our Community, we are not looking back. Our little Grape continues on his little Scooter and our guys and gal’s Fun and Innovative Adventure continues on, as well! xoxo

Contact Us

  • Grape Escape, Incorporated.
  • 184 South Broadway
  • Geneva, Ohio 44041
  • Phone: 440-361-0804
  • Phone: 440-466-0988
  • E-Mail: Erin Soukup, Program Director
  • Fax: 440-466-0315


  • President: LuAnn Busch
  • Vice President: Tom Currence
  • Administrator: Lyndsey Currence
  • Program Director: Erin Soukup
  • Oversight Director: Peggy Woodworth
  • HR Director: Tracey Carpenter

The Grape Escape

A Workshop like none other.